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Advice/Tips for improved Lawn Care.

Mowing the lawn

There are people who cut their lawn when they have to.
There are people who cut their lawns because they want too.
Then there are the devotees who cut their lawns because they love their lawns!
Regular Cutting of your lawn at the correct height determines how healthy and great a lawn can look.

The simple act of mowing isn't what makes a lawn look good.
Here are a few helpful tips to keep your lawn looking beautiful after your treatment.


Yes even in Ireland with all our rain we still need to talk about watering our Lawn.
Water your lawn when it tells you to, not according to some manual because no two lawns are the same.

Grass type, soil, wind and seasons will all affect a lawns performance and will determine how often you need to water. In the height of summer most lawns suffer from heat or drought stress watch out for a rapid change in grass colour, (heat will turn a lush green lawn into a burnt blue/black colour) and drought stress will begin with unsightly brown patches in your lawn. Don't panic, Your lawn is not dead, It's just thirsty. Water as frequently as you can until there is enough moisture in the ground to help the grass recover.

Don't mow your lawn too low when it's showing signs of heat and water stress and if possible try to keep off the lawn as much as possible during these periods as the grass will be dry and brittle.

With increased talk of water metering we recommend installing a water collection tank in your home. This can be fitted near a down pipe to catch excess rainwater. Not only will this save you money but you're doing your bit to help the environment. We can help you choses the right system for your property.

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